About Us

After about 10 years in the design industry, a group of people with a love for all things interiors decided that they could no longer resist the urge to pursue their passion for creating beautifully decorated spaces.

The goal was simple, to create a market place where one could find stunning home decor to suit any home.

Hombe  was born.

Our goal was always to play a role in allowing you, the designer, the ability to create something truly unique. It's not a role we take lightly, but it sure is one we love.

Our team of curators scour the globe to painstakingly hand pick beautiful decorative pieces for your home. Pieces that we ourselves love.

At Hombe, we believe that every home is unique, big or small, monotone or neon coloured, we love them all!

We hope you'll join our journey,

Welcome Hombe

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